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Our males, Auggie, Jasper and Charlie

These males are the fathers to our litters. They give us great puppies!


This is our newest mini Poodle, Auggie!  He is in a wonderful guardian home near us and we see him often.  His DNA results are clear and he will be about 10 lbs when full grown.  We can't wait to see the pups he will give us once he's ready! 


This is our main mini Poodle stud, Charlie.    He is a silver merle who weighs about 10 lbs.  He is the father to all of our mini Bernedoodle puppies and will share his responsibilities in 2021 with Auggie.  His DNA test results are clear as well.  He is a loving, fun dog who is very intelligent!  He loves to play and gets along well with all of our dogs!


Welcome Jasper, our newest Pomeranian male!  He is a 6 pound bundle of love!  Quiet and gentle, he will sire some great puppies for us this fall!

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