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Mini Bernedoodles, Cockapoos and Pomskies

The adoption prices of our Pomsky puppies, MiniBernedoodles and Cockapoos vary depending on a few factors -such as the size, color, and markings of the pups.  Our prices reflect our time and effort put into the Pomsky and Bernedoodle puppies and their parents. The breeding process, which is done by artificial insemination, requires significant time and money to ensure we have healthy Pomsky and Bernedoodle puppies and healthy parents. Our adult dogs and puppies need and want for nothing and are provided the best medical and home care.  They are socialized with other dogs, children and adults to prepare them for their forever homes.  

Please contact us for current pricing!  402-370-6972



  • We do not have an application form, but we do request that you make personal contact with us before you decide to place a deposit for one of our puppies.  We want to ensure complete transparency with you and one way to do that is through conversations.  Our number is 402-370-6972.  We ask that you call between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm Central Time. 



  • All Deposits/Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE**

    • Deposits are transferred to future litters, whenever available. 

    • Deposits EXPIRE after 12 month time frame. You must pick a puppy within 12 months of placing your deposit or your deposit will be forfeited.

    • Deposits are accepted through VENMO or in CASH.

    • QUOTED PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT ANY TIME! We are constantly improving our lines, enhancing testing and bettering the breed. This means at any time prices are subject to raise. If you place a deposit in 2020, the prices for 2021 are subject to increase. We reserve this right and you acknowledge this right by passing on litters for an extended time frame from placing your deposit.




  • All sales are FINAL (no refunds even if you return the puppy). See Contract for more information. 

  • There are NO CASH REFUNDS

  • We will exchange your puppy if it has a life threatening genetic defect within its first 24 months as per our health guarantee

  • We do not guarantee against common problems in puppies such as hernias, cryptorchidism, parasites, etc.

  • Payment is due either at pick up in CASH ONLY or by 6 weeks of age via Venmo.  No exceptions!  We will not take checks, money orders, PayPal for final payments.




  • Pick up dates are to be scheduled in advance.  Puppies can leave at 8 weeks and we prefer to schedule pick up dates as soon as possible.

  • Plan to pick up your puppy in or near York, Nebraska.  If we do travel to meet you, mileage is charged at .55/mile round trip. 

  • If you are unable to pick up your puppy by 9 weeks, we will charge $15 per day to cover the cost of food, training, boarding, vet fees, vaccinations, etc.  Please plan accordingly




  • Due to COVID 19, we strongly suggest that you make every effort to pick your puppy in York.  Air and ground transportation is very unpredictable and may affect when you can pick up your puppy.  Omaha Nebraska’s Eppley Airfield is about 100 miles east of York; Lincoln Municipal Airport in Lincoln, NE is about 45 miles east of York.  If you are unable to pick up your puppy in person, we can deliver to you using a flight nanny or ground transportation.  The flight nanny travels with your puppy and hand delivers the pup to you at a large airport near you.  The cost of the flight nanny or ground transport and mileage to and from the airport are your responsibility.  Prices for transportation (and availability) vary and can run between $525 and $800, depending on where the puppy is going.  Expect the flight nanny to be very “last minute” as nannies are flight attendants who fly stand-by.




  • Our puppies are sold on a pet only basis.  If you would like one of our pups to add to your breeding program, please contact us and we will make decisions about breeding rights on an individual basis. 




  • Cottonwood Kennel reserves the right to deny the sale of a puppy at any time to any buyer.  If Cottonwood Kennel deems that the sale is not an appropriate placement for one of our puppies, we reserve the right to cancel the sale at any point during the process.

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