Izzy and Coco are our Huskies. Izzy is on the left.  She is our current mother and has beautiful Pomsky puppies!  Coco is a young lady who will become a mama for the first time later in 2021.  Both are sweet, loving dogs!

This is little Millie.  She is a Cocker Spaniel who came to us because we were able to help out a dear friend by giving Millie a home.  She will have Cockapoos this year, too!


Our two Bernese Mt Dogs, Zola (rear) and Bella.  They are 3 years old and have given us some gorgeous puppies.  Zola comes from Russia and is smaller and stockier than our "American" BMD, Bella. Both dogs are affectionate and love to have fun with us! 

Zola and Bella




And these three are Rue, Harley and Harper.  Rue and Harley are F1 mini Bernedoodles who will have litters late 2021.  Harper is our newest Bernese Mt. Dog puppy who will have pups in a couple of years, when we retire Bella and Zola.