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COTTONWOOD KENNEL started in 2016 as Cottonwood Pomskies and has expanded to include mini Bernedoodles in its program.   We are still a very small operation located in eastern Nebraska and we raise Pomskies and min Bernedoodles for special, loving homes.  Our goal is to match our wonderful little puppies with the right family and we have been lucky to find some amazing homes for our puppies all over the US.  Our dogs live in our homes and our puppies are raised with love and attention until they find their forever homes.  We currently have two breeding Huskies and one Bernese Mountain Dog who live with us.  We have also found a loving guardian home for our Pomeranian.  All of our parent dogs are well cared for and friendly, calm dogs; characteristics which we hope to see transferred to all of our litters.  

Kaia is the first Husky we added to our program in 2015 as a young puppy.  She taught us a lot about Pomsky litters and her puppies have been well-behaved, smart and loving adult dogs!

Quincy is new to our program as we added him in 2019.  We are excited to see the puppies he and our girls will produce.  We love his tiny little body and great big personality!

Izzy just had her first litter of 7 puppies and she is a great mama to all of her babies!  She is very loving and so much fun!  All of her puppies had at least one blue eye!

Visit our Facebook pages:  Cottonwood Pomskies or Cottonwood Bernedoodles to see more photos of our puppies!  

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