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Hello! Welcome to Conversations with Cottonwood! Here you will find information about our puppies and parents. We will keep you updated on upcoming litters, what is happening with our adult dogs and we will also provide tips on training. Our tips are based on 25 years of training dogs, but by no means are they the only way to train your puppy!

We had our first litter of Cockapoos (pictured) on June 25, 2021. Millie, our Cocker Spaniel, is a wonderful mother and her puppies are healthy, happy and well-socialized. If all goes well, Millie will have another cute litter this winter. Charlie, our silver merle Poodle was the father of Millie's current litter, but we plan to use our new Poodle stud, Auggie, for her next litter!

Bella had five healthy mini Bernedoodle puppies on July 4! She had two merle pups, two tricolors and one phantom. They are eating well and getting chubby! We will start puppy mush soon!

Zola surprised us with seven healthy mini Bernedoodle puppies on July 30! We weren't quite ready because we thought we had a few days before she whelped. She forgot to tell us that she was ready, though! Her puppies are doing well-gaining weight every day.

Our next litter (we hope) will be Harley and Auggie's litter of F1b Mini Bernedoodles. If all goes well, Harley should whelp in September and we cannot wait to see what cute puppies she and Auggie give us!

Coco, our red wooly Husky, will have her first litter in 2021, too! She and Quincy should be parents this fall, too! Izzy, our black and white Husky, will have a winter litter so we will have lots of puppies to love!

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